Center Stage Announces Honorees for 

28th Annual Young Playwrights Festival 

Center Stage is proud to announce the honorees for this year’s Young Playwrights Festival, an annual competition that welcomes student playwrights around the state to submit their original works.

This year, Maryland students in grades K-12 submitted nearly 500 plays.

The honored plays that were selected will be showcased with workshops, in-school performances, and select pieces will be staged at the Annual Young Playwrights Festival performance at Center Stage on Monday, May 5, at 7 pm.

All members of the community are invited to the 2014 Young Playwrights Festival. The evening is free and open to the public, and will include an awards ceremony recognizing honorees, staged readings of selected plays, and a reception in honor of all of the students who submitted scripts.

Reserve your tickets by calling the Center Stage Box Office at 410.332.0033. The event is free, however, a $5 donation is suggested at the door.

Young Playwrights Festival

Monday, May 5, 7 pm

Free ($5 suggested donation)

Tickets required.


NOTE: Attendees must pick up their tickets by 6:45 pm on the day of the Festival. Tickets not retrieved by that time will be released. 

Staged Honorees

Lily Bradford

The Kite

Grade 2, Stoneleigh Elementary, Baltimore County

Nora the butterfly, Madeline the ladybug, and Froggy the frog’s kite has a mishap with the local pond in this charming tale of friendship.

Vishva Iyer

The Friends’ Sanctuary

Grade 4, Roland Park Elementary/Middle School, Baltimore City

Young panda Puki and koala Coco’s forest home is destroyed by humans. Though they don’t immediately trust human Rosie and her human family, a granola bar as good-will gesture spans the species divide, leading to new possibilities for the orphaned bear-marsupial duo.

Nikhil Mathur

The Voyage Home

Grade 7, Harford Day School, Harford County

An eccentric pirate captain from 1547 and his crew aboard the Sea Dragon are washed ashore in 2014 Miami. They have the good fortune to befriend Eric, who helps them navigate this strange and impressive city to find their way home.

Grace Good

The Shot that Was Heard All Around Heaven

Grade 7, Baltimore Lab School, Baltimore City

What happens when Edgar Allan Poe, Albert Einstein, Annie Oakley, and Mother Teresa find themselves killing time in Heaven? They put on a Wild West charity event, of course! 

MaryLouise Sparrow

Mental Divide

Grade 11, St. Paul’s School for Girls, Baltimore County

Right meets left, impulse meets Adderall, and girl meets boy in this quick-witted exploration of a high school student’s brain.

Amanda Updegrove

Step by Step

Grade 11, Howard High School, Howard County

Protected—yet isolated—in her small hometown, one young woman sees potential camaraderie when a newcomer opens a gym in town.

In-school Readings Honorees

Anu Jinadu

The Plan

Grade 4, Mt. Washington School, Baltimore City

Kaya and her gang of international prodigy spies are pitted against the baddest supervillain of all time, Sunshine, in a race to save her parents from certain destruction. Fortunately, they have a plan!

Lucy Anstett

The Green Skinned, Purple Freckled, Blue Haired Girl

Grade 4, School of the Cathedral, Baltimore County

Elsa can hear colors, which makes her a perfect target for Madge’s ridicule. When Elsa meets classmates who appreciate her, the outcasts stand up for themselves and each other to show that no one should be judged for how they look, how they talk, or what gifts and talents they have.

Patrick Banks

Pirate Robots

Grade 5, The Auburn School, Baltimore County

When pirate robots kidnap Kevin and threaten to take over the world, Kevin and his new friend must rely on bravery and a little bit of luck to stop the army of artificial unintelligence.

Declan McGee

The Narrator

Grade 6, Loyola Blakefield, Baltimore County

It’s a very bad idea to spill coffee on a director. When said director hires a Narrator to broadcast all of Jim’s inner thoughts, Jim learns this lesson the hard way.

Maddi Viteri


Grade 7, Severna Park Middle School, Anne Arundel County

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I wish I could change the ending of that book”? After finishing her bedtime reading, Maci wonders those words aloud and wakes up as the protagonist inside the novel. With only a week until all is lost, she must scramble to save both the book’s ending and her own life.

Julia Angkeow

Where We Belong

Grade 8, Harford Day School, Harford County

Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Apollo negotiate their new identities as teenage re-incarnations of themselves in the Big Apple while working together to find where they belong.

Sarah Marshall

A Story of Good and Evil

Grade 10, Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore City

In most stories, in most kingdoms, we cheer the good and jeer the evil. The hero beats the villain and the dragon is slain. But Prince Philip and pauper Leo, at first accepting their destinies, discover that it’s the victor who writes the history books.

Flora Aubin

Don’t Forget the Dandelions

Grade 10, Hammond High School, Howard County

In this poetic memory play, Daniel D. Lyon recounts the moment his life changed, reminds us that dandelions are still flowers—still alive, and implores us to take a little more care with the weeds we encounter.

Samantha Berenschot-Bucciero

The Foreign Word

Grade 11, Gov. Thomas Johnson High School, Frederick County

A teenage boy in a psychologist’s office offers us a sympathetic glimpse at an unsympathetic character.

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For more information, call Community Programs and Education at 410.986.4039 or email 

Special Thanks: The Young Playwrights Festival is made possible through the generous support of our many community partners, including: Maryland State Arts Council, Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation, The P&G Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, M&T Bank, and Transamerica.